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Major Transactions Prior Leadership Roles

  • TMX Group - Consolidation of Canadian stock exchanges.  Led the acqusition and amalgamation of all Canadian stock exchanges.

  • Led the acquisition of significant fixed income related operations and establishment within TMX  including Shorcan bond brokers, PC Bond data services and Candeal trading platform.

  • Led the acquisition of NGX a leading gas trading platform based in Alberta by TMX.

  • Developed the Maple Group of investors that acquired control of the Toronto Stock Exchange thereby preventing sale to LSE and loss of Canadian control.

  • HSBC Securities - Acquisition and amalgamation of Moss Lawson and Gordon Capital.


Private Transactions

  • Tru-leaf – Early stage investment in a data-driven precision agriculture company that improves food production predictability without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. The company’s system leverages vertical farming technology to create efficient, controlled indoor farms to meet the needs of retailers, food service and consumers. Strategic Investment by McCain Foods Limited.

  • Independent Trading Group (ITG) Inc. – an IIROC – regulated member of the Toronto Stock Exchange solely dedicated to Market Making, Liquidity provision and Proprietary Trading.  Acted as the Deal Sponsor for the distressed purchase, recapitalization, restructuring as Managing Partner, and eventual Complete sale into DVX Capital Markets.

  • Founder and financiers for an innovative online platform for the distribution of new issue equity securities in Canada which launched as an accredited investment dealer and participated in over 50 transactions until its sale.


Other Investments

  • Markets Media – launched in 2007 to provide sophisticated, in depth content spanning all sectors of the securities industry, delivered across print, online and events platforms.  Markets Media brands include Markets Media, Markets Choice Awards, GlobalTrading, Traders Magazine and are delivered in New York and Hong Kong.

  • TODAQ Financial – TODA-as-a-Service decentralized platform enables clients to securely own and verifiably transact any type of digital asset

TruLeaf and the TruLeaf logo are registered trademarks of Truleaf Sustainable Agriculture Limited. Independent Trading Group and the Independent Trading Group logo are registered trademarks of Independent Trading Group (ITG) Inc. Markets Media and the Markets Media logo are registered trademarks of Markets Media LLC. TODAQ and the TODAQ logo are registered trademarks of Todaq Holdings Inc.

Our Investment History

Powerful Collaborations

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