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Two Worlds, One Focus

How it Began

Hullwright Advisors is a Management Consulting firm based in Toronto, CANADA.

We provide Strategic, Executive Management, and Financial Policy Adviory to:

Platform Business Models, Fintechs and New Ventures.

Our practice is grounded in Classical Applied Corporate Finance Theory based on our training in EVA(r)

Economic Value Added.  A fundamental shareholder value based approach to analyzing businesses.

We further developed expertise in Strategic Technology through decades of experience in turbocharching platform based business models in Marketplaces, Brokerages, Capital Markets and Proprietary trading to generate outsized returns on capital.


We have deep experience and background practicing Principal Risk Taking in Capital Markets in

Public & Private Markets with a focus on long-term Shareowner Value which we bring to our Executive clients as they seek to understand how to position their Corporate Strategies into the marketplace.


Our Client Focus

Platform Business Models

Are unique in that two sets of counter-parties need to be satisfied before a business can create value.  This creates unique issues around governance, monetizaiton, metrics, architecture and openness.  While typical in financial services (Exchanges and Brokerages), they are not exclusive to this industry (ride-sharing).

We believe the nexus of the Platform Model, paired with extreme automation and economic forces, poses unique challenges & generational

opportunities for Industry and Wealth Creation.

Bird-Eye View of Fish Market


Are at the intersection of financial networks and emerging Strategic Technologies.  While typically platforms models, they are not always so.  Fintechs due to the fungible and digital nature of their products are hyper-scalable and also present unique opportunities and challenges for their Leaders to manage Sequence of Strategy.


New Venture Creation

The ultimate sequence risk can be seen in new venture creation.  Some doors open up to new doors, other doors close the ones behind you forever.  Understanding your edge, or more likely how you will develop this edge and how much to invest in it, is critical not only to your long term growth but also to the trajectory, alignment and durability of your franchise.

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