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A Sampling of Our Business Thinking

Alignment with our clients on Business Philosophy is critical to developing a foundation of Trust and building long-term compounding relationships.

First, we believe the goal of a corporation is shareholder value creation through the creation of Economic Profit. 

Second, we believe that it is Technology, broadly defined, which drives productivity and Economic Growth.  Certain technologies provide outsized growth.  Managing Technology Strategically, is by definition key to managing shareholder value.


Third, if Strategy is the selection of actions and resources directed at those actions to meet an Organizations' long-term goals; certain Technology broadly defined can simultaneously be a recursive, reflexive action And a resource.  Understanding the strategic implications of adopting certain technologies is critical to organizational success.

Finally, strong Leadership unifying the goal of shareholder value, with the power of technology as an action and resource is what turns Strategy into Execution, Execution into Results.


Below you will find a sampling of our writings on each of these broad subjects - Shareholder Value, Technology, Strategy and Leadership.


Delivering Shareholder Value

Shareholder Value as defined by EVA, Economic Value Added, and the Future growth value created by Real options underlines our analysis of all Business Decisions.


The Economic Power of Technology

From fire, to the wheel; nuclear technology to Artificial Intelligence; Rule of Law to Independent beuracracy; Organizational design theory to Operating systems; human progress has consistently been punctuated by the release and diffusion of Technology into the Economy.


Polymorphous Strategy

How is your business impacted when Technology is simultaneously both a series of actions to and a resource of your business.



Executive Leadership

What kind of Leader can bring it all together?


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