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A Focus on Excellence

Rooted in Two Worlds

Hullwright Advisors is a Management Consulting firm based in Toronto, CANADA.

We provide Strategic, Executive Management, and Financial Policy Adviory to:

Platform Business Models, Fintechs and New Ventures.

Our practice is grounded in Classical Applied Corporate Finance Theory

coupled with our practiced Principal Risk Taking in 

Public & Private Canadian Markets with a focus on long-term Shareowner Value.

We understand that Leadership in many cases means to be Pioneering, Contrarian and Uniquely situated.

Your Trusted Advisor

Seeking Economic Value

We analyze businesses based on their fundamental ability to create economic profit for shareholders.

Shareholders expect to be compensated for their risk; yet will be willing to make subsidizing investments where addressable markets generate outsized returns beyond period investments.

We are expert at adjusting accounting-focused bank liquidating values on financials into economic, shareholder focused analysis.

We generate methodologies for our partners to measure and stay focused on these economic profits with the appropriate

mind set and management incentives.

Working with Financial Documents

Charged with the Assymetric Benefits of Strategic Technology

Long - term durable competitive advantage of economic profits, can be developed from technologies which offer

increasing returns to scale, network effects, and customer lock-in.

We are experts at the development and commercialization of these Strategic Technologies

and building economic plans which appropriately invest in them.

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While factoring the Real Consequences of Risk

As shareholders seek to be compensated for their risks, we also adjust strategies for the concept of Sequence risk.

While credit risks, market volatility, and other business risks can be generally hedged away,

Sequence risk is the cost of inappropriate "bet sizing", misunderstanding your edge - competitive advantage 

and paying away too much Volatility tax.

Too much risk leads to certain, Eventual failure

More likely, too little, leads to missed opportunity!

How will you define your Sequence risk and size your game changing investments appropriately?

Sunset on the Coast

In a cohesive Strategic package

Understanding your current financial competitive position, coupled with your goals, edge, and opportunities to develop, we will counsel you on developing Executive, Strategic or Financial plans suited to enhancing your shareholder value. 

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Toronto, ON, Canada


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